Zion National Park – iPad App

Zion National Park iPad App

Zion National Park App takes you on an exciting “Treasure Hunt” adventure through the famous park. The app’s clever design brings you 20 breathtaking images, and these incredible, high-resolution shots have a small heart hidden in each of the photos. Play the Heart of Zion game, and win a prize! Here are the rules:

1. Find a hidden heart in each photo
2. Each time you find a heart – clock on it to collect the code
3. Find all 20 hearts with their codes
4. Enter the codes on the website to get your PRIZE

And the prize is…(drum-roll please):
– A free download of 20 Wallpapers from Zion Park – same as in the game, but designed specifically for wallpaper
– A free MP3 soundtrack – Heart of Zion by Chill Mood

That’s right – you will get your hands on some of the best photography of Zion Park the world has ever seen! And a beautiful soundtrack to accompany it…Are you ready? Let the game begin…

Zion National Park - iApp Design

Who Else Wants to Go On an Expedition Through One of the Most Sought-After Parks in the World Without Leaving Home?

Are you an outdoor enthusiast who loves to travel? Have you experienced the unbelievable sights of Zion National Park?

The Zion National Park app allows people to travel and see breathtaking sights, even if they are just at home. It was launched to let people know more about the tourist destination and, perhaps, encourage them to plan a vacation with their families in the place. The application is sure to be enjoyed by both children and adults, as it allows them to go on an exciting adventure around the location, without having to leave the comforts of their own home.

This tourist attraction is located in the state of Utah and is one of the most visited places in the state. The place is perfect for people who are seeking the ultimate hiking experience while communing with nature. Many tourists are left stunned after seeing the amazing views. There is a canyon and a number of waterfalls and pools were people can relax. However, some people might not have the means to go on a trip to this famous tourist spot, as this will require them to spend quite a huge deal of money. This is one of the reasons why the app was designed, to allow everyone to explore the splendor of the place.

How does a person travel through the spectacular place using the application? The application lets users play a game in which they need to find hidden treasures in the pictures being displayed on the screen. The game will present you with 20 high-quality images of different sites at the tourist spot and there is a small heart hidden in each of these pictures. Once you see the heart, you just have to tap on it to reveal a code. The objective of the game is to find all 20 hearts and get all of the codes. Once you finish the game, you have to visit the website of the said application and enter all of the codes that you have obtained from it.

After you uncover all the hidden treasures in the application, you can proudly tell yourself and your friends that you have already travelled to the famous tourist attraction. The website will give you great freebies once you key in the codes that were revealed in the game. First, you will be able to download 20 wallpapers of the sceneries atUtah’s famous tourist destination. This means that you can beautify the home screens of your tablet computers without having to splurge money. Second, the website will let you download an mp3 file of the song Heart of Zion by Chill Mood. With these freebies, you can travel around the place by viewing the images that you have downloaded and listen to beautiful music at the same time.

The application is truly a program worth downloading. It will enable you to go on a trip to one of the most scenic spots on Earth, learn more about the place, and even get freebies afterwards. You do not even need to take a single step away from your house to enjoy the breathtaking sights.

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